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Air Conditioning Repair

Stay Cool in the Summer

Beat The Heat

Is your car’s air conditioning system not working or not blowing cold enough? Don’t worry, it can be fixed so you don’t have to endure Oklahoma City’s hot summers.

My Fleet Repair offers a full range of automotive a/c repair in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, including Tulsa. We are mobile and will come to wherever you are, at your convenience.

We can do anything from simply recharging your air conditioner’s freon to complete A/C systems starting at $500 with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

My Car's A/C Makes a Weird Noise! Grinding, Whirring, or Other Noises?

It could be an engine noise you’re hearing or it could also be a symptom of issues with your compressor. This is the main component of the A/C system, so have it checked if you hear anything out of the usual.

My A/C Doesn't Blow Cold Anymore.

Your refrigerant may be low, Either it needs to be refilled or you may have a leak in your system. If it stopped working suddenly or over a matter of days, you may have a leak. We are certified for everything from recharging freon to replacing complete a/c systems.

Can I Just Recharge my A/C Myself?

Yes, there are do-it-yourself kits available. Be careful and read directions carefully. Overcharging your A/C will cause it to stop working and may cause damage to important parts in your air conditioning system, leading to more expensive repairs. We have the required equipment to do it properly as well as EPA certification for proper a/c service and disposal of refrigerants.

How Your Vehicle’s A/C System Works

Most people simply jump into their car and turn the air conditioner on, not giving it much thought as to how that cold air comes out of the vents and cools the vehicle down. But there are plenty of us who need a little more behind-the-scenes information than that. For those people who are curious, here are the basics of how your car’s air conditioner works:

  • Your vehicle has evaporator coils. The heat in your vehicle is blown across them through the convection process.
  • Through conduction, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system will then absorb the heat.
  • The heat is moved by the refrigerant into the condenser, where it is then absorbed into the part of the system called condenser fins.
  • Then through the process of radiation the heat is transferred back into the atmosphere.
  • You feel the cool air and the vehicle temperature drops to become more comfortable.

It may seem like a complicated process by which the warm air is taken into the system and then turned into cool air that you will feel, but it’s one that happens quickly and one that we have come to rely upon on a warm day. When it doesn’t work right, there is usually a breakdown or problem with one of these main areas, which can usually be repaired and get you back to being cool in no time.